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Equipment Changes

Instructions for Customer When Making Equipment Changes

In the event you add or change equipment associated with your internet connection, some changes may be necessary in our system before your new equipment will work with our internet service. For example, you add or change out an existing router or change a computer directly connected via an Ethernet cord to the wall.

We must register the WAN MAC address of the new piece of equipment or if the new equipment is a router, you can clone your present MAC address to the new router. If cloning is an option, you will not need to call our office with the new MAC address information. Cloning is preferable because it eliminates the need to call the office and in the event you need to connect directly due to a problem with the router. If you are not sure what MAC address we have registered, please call our office at 469-762-3000 during normal business hours or, if after hours, please call our technical support at 469-762-HELP(4357) for assistance.



Find and remove viruses.  Viruses can slow your computer’s performance, especially if they’ve deleted or corrupted critical files.

Find and remove spyware. Spyware can run silently in the background whenever your computer is operating, draining memory and processing resources and significantly slowing your system’s performance.

Free up space on your hard drive. The amount of free space on your hard drive can also affect your computer’s performance. A regular routine of maintenance procedures can help keep your computer running efficiently.

For Help with After Hours Internet Trouble or Email – Please call our HOT (Help Or Trouble) line at 469-762-HELP (4357).